Capital Campaign: Give Me Shelter, 2016-2019

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Dear Parishioners,

In 2015, this parish was in great need. The door frames were crumbling, the roof was leaking, and the parish hall was in disrepair. But the able leadership of your vestry courageously overcame the odds. Today, you have a beautifully updated parish hall, a new roof, and doors that are open to all who wish to step into this loving parish family.

Our Heritage

Since this church was first built in 1915, it has been through a number of repairs and renovations. With each improvement, as with each brush stroke of a master artist, this church becomes more and more a jewel.  

Our Solemn Trust

This jewel has been bequeathed to us from the generations that have come before. We have a solemn trust to pass it on to the next generation. This capital campaign enables us to do just that. It will not only pay for the repairs and improvements of this past year, but it will also give us a cushion for the future.

We Can Do It!

Your vestry has put together a plan of action that puts our goals within reasonable reach for everyone. I know it requires commitment over and above the usual tithe, but we have a level of giving for every income, and I believe that together we can do it!

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Your Humble Servant,

Father Brian Chase