For the next series of Sundaysour congregational hymns will reflect the season of Advent.  The texts will enable us to picture the expectation of the Lord’s people as they remembered theOld Testament prophecies. Many of these hymn melodies and harmonies are our favorites; so please come to worship and sing to the glory of God.  Essentially, it is a time of worshipful preparation for Jesus Christ’s coming to earth. This would be a good time to bring your friends too and help them renew their faith.

      Christmas Caroling via Trolley*(save December 18th evening)

 Please watch our website and your bulletins for the announced time of our Christmas Caroling to shut ins and ill members of our church.  We gather….put on our red hats andtravel around Wichita Falls to sing the most familiar and desired carols for a singing tour..  If you wish to be a part of this endeavor, call the church office and tell Shari, or leave a message for Forster.  Watch for sign up lists in the parlor and bulletin boards.

      Festival of Lessons and Carols

 Wednesday, December 21st,  at 5:30 pm, Fr. Brian will open our service, and lectors will offer up biblical readingsreflecting theprophecy and reality of God coming to us in His Son, Jesus the Christ. The service will replace GENERATIONS. This is the Christmas story with familiar carolsmixed between the readings of scripture to set out the liturgical drama of Christmastide and reveal its true meaning. It is a family affair and children and youth of all ages singing together in our church to the praise of God will be awe-inspiring!

                                                                                                                     One hundred thirty some years ago an Anglican tradition was started in Cathedrals all across England to utilize organs, choirs, instruments and church staff to recognizethe Christmastide drama in all of its glory. One result was a Festival of Lessons and Carols.  Please make plans now to put this day and time on your calendar for your enjoymentand participation.  

 Forster Day