I think that the Core Values and guiding principles that you have chosen are excellent. What a foundation for building a future!

In accord with these values, I have had a number of individuals from a variety of stages of life coming to me since I started at Good Shepherd seeking more mixed-generation opportunities. Not just a few individuals, but enough to make me take notice. In response, I floated a few ideas that generated a great deal of interest among various groups within the parish. The idea that emerged after conferring with these groups is called, appropriately, Generations. 

Generations is intended to provide us with a setting where we can come together, on a weekly basis beyond Sunday mornings, as a community to develop intergenerational relationships, learn from one another, and become involved in one another’s lives. 

Beginning on September 14th, we will begin meeting in the Parish Hall every Wednesday for dinner together and fellowship. We will have communal, lay-led evening prayer together, followed by short presentations that are crafted specifically to bring all of our members from all generations together to helps us grow in our faith. We are even looking for ways to incorporate community service into Generations on a regular basis.

Generations will be an excellent opportunity. It is an opportunity not only to fill a need in the church, but also to put our core values and mission into practice. I hope you are as excited as I am!

Father Brian