Our Mission: The Why

As much as overzealous coaches and parents would like us to think that we should do everything at 120%, the fact of life is that 120% is impossible. Try as you may, all you have to give is 100%, and if you over extend yourself, that means something is getting the short end of the stick.

The same holds true for a parish, and if we as a parish overextend ourselves, we only end up with ineffective ministry and burnout. Many churches are crushing themselves under the weight of too many programs. The answer is not to do more, but to do less better. Instead of doing two things at 50%, or three things at 30%, or four things at 25%, let's do one thing and do it amazingly well at 100%.

That is why a mission statement is so very important. A mission statement anchors us and unites us in our identity with singularity of intent. By combining all of our efforts in the same direction with the same focus, we increase our efficiency and act as one.

That is why I am excited about our mission statement. Our mission isn’t another thing to do; it is the thing we do. 


"To reflect on life and encounter God by providing a way for everyone to: 

worship in beauty, grow together, and care for one another."


Father Brian