Soup Teams

It is time to start planning for our 88th Annual Election Day Bazaar, and I am looking for volunteers who would like to be soup team captains, or would like to be part of a soup team.  I would like to get at least ten teams together to ensure we have plenty of soup to serve at the bazaar.  

Each team will be given the recipe to follow.  This recipe has been used for the past eighty seven years.  The only thing that has changed is all ingredients containing gluten have been removed, so we are now cooking and serving a gluten free soup. 

Each team will be responsible for purchasing the ingredients for their soup.  Some items will be supplied by the church such as spices, bullion, and Worcestershire sauce.  These items will be listed in the recipe and in the instructions.  

Teams will also need to coordinate with the church office to schedule a time to use the kitchen to alleviate any conflicts.  This is an excellent way to donate your time, talent, and treasure.  So please step up to be a captain or be part of a team!  If you are interested please contact Eddie Andrade.

Eddie Andrade