Interfaith Ministries Seeking Volunteers

Interfaith Ministries is where you go for help in Wichita and Archer Counties if you can't pay your bills or need help with groceries. We do other things depending on the circumstance, such as help with medication, dentures, bus tickets. Last week we had a 92 year-old man come in for help with his denture bill. We did help him with that and also got him groceries. When I met him I was very surprised about his age. He seemed to be in great health and drove himself in a big white pick-up truck that day. My IMI partner and I carried his groceries out to his truck which we rarely do, but were glad to be able to do that. He thanked us over and over telling us how grateful he was for all we did for him. When we got to his truck he told us that he was in WWII and asked us if we wanted to see some pictures. We looked through his photo album of WWII and he pointed out which soldier he was. It's people like this that make Interfaith Ministries a wonderful place to volunteer. You never know whose life you are going to touch and who you are going to meet. If you would like to volunteer please call Mercy at 322-1365 or just talk to me and I will be happy to go with you and introduce you to everyone.

Mary Gwin