Interfaith Ministries Canned Vegetables Needs

Interfaith Ministries is in need of canned vegetables. With the children home from school many more families come in the summer asking for help with groceries. There is a great sale on right now at Cash Saver on SW Parkway. If you buy green beans, corn and peas, they are only 3 cans for 99 cents! (Of course they add on 10% at the register) This sale is from Wednesday, July 13 until Tuesday, July 19. If you want to take them directly to IMI you can go M-F 9-10:45. Go to the back door that says "pantry delivery". They are also open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9-2:45. In case you don't know, Interfaith Ministries is just across from the church parking lot at 11th and Austin. When they ask you where your donation is from just say Church of The Good Shepherd! Thank you very much,

Mary Gwin