Men of Good Shepherd (MOGS) Stil Very Active

Dear Parishioners, I am at a loss of excuses for NOT being able to report on the last few meetings we have had in our Men of Good Shepherd Group (MOGS) for the past couple of months (more like 4 months). Trying to keep up with so many things between work and Youth, well, honestly, IT’S LIKE TRYING TO HERD CATS……………….sorry all you cat lovers out there.

Now, as usual I could talk forever about our wonderful feast of dinners we always have, the FANTASTIC desserts that are always available for us old guys, and fellowships between many friends just about all day and night.  The crazy discussions never get old, the laughter, ‘picking’ on each other (just ask Mr. BOB LONG AND JOHN SKELTON), and as usual….it’s always at POP’S expense. But that is just the way we are we a group of young to ‘experienced’ (NOT OLD) folks get around a table, feed their faces, and start conversations about anything and everything.

The past couple of months, the MOGS have tried to schedule some much needed cleaning times, inside our beautiful church, and especially the outside, but seems that something has been preventing us from gathering and I don’t like it………………BUT, low and behold, given enough time, things are starting to take place.

In about 1 ½ weeks from now (8 Oct), we are scheduled to start a project in and around the church.  We are going to clean out the church vents, check filters, and especially start cleaning out the rain gutters that I noticed were completely blocked, causing lots of concerns above the Parlor Hall roof.  We are asking for as many MEN of the church to join in. if you cannot do the physical part, help guide us through your wisdoms that can make the tasks we are planning to do loads of full filled laughter. I am sure someone….POP…..will be the most talked about person in the group, as usual.

I will continue to strive and send reports as often as possible. I am asking that ANY MAN in this church that can attend on the 3rd Thursday of each month, PLEASE come and join in the antics that we all enjoy. There’s always plenty to eat, laughter is at the highest peak, and the Fellowship cannot be matched by any other organization around town.  We work hard to please God, so please try to join in with us, THE MOGS. The more the merrier, plus the less I get laughed about…….AAAAHHHHHH, poor baby, right??

Thanks to everyone that comes and continued prayers for those that are in need of help.  We are committed to doing whatever it is that God may ask of us.

Yours in Christ,

G. POP Crase

Dan Garcia

Co-Chairmen of the MOGS