Interfaith Outreach Services

The memorable family that we helped at Interfaith touched the lives of a couple of us at CGS. Mariel interviewed her and I gave her groceries.  Her husband had left her and she had just moved to Wichita Falls.  She had gotten a job but she had absolutely nothing for her and her daughter.  She said anything we would give her would really be appreciated. I helped her take the groceries to her car because she had injured her hand.  When we got all the groceries loaded into her car she asked me for a hug.  Of course I gave her one and now can't quit thinking about her. 

If you would like to volunteer at Interfaith it is only two hours a week.  If you would like to donatefood to Interfaith just put it in the plastic tub across from the choir room.  If it would be easier for meto buy the groceries for you I would be happy to, then I will show you the receipt of what I purchased. Interfaith is where you go in town if you need help paying bills or need groceries.  They have also added a diaper chest where a family can get diapers for their baby once a month.

CGS gave 149 pounds in September.

Mary G.