Interfaith Outreach Services Report

December is a big donation month for Interfaith Outreach.  Some churches give over a THOUSAND pounds!!  This month we are still in need of peanut butter and jelly.  The person I can't get out of my mind this month was a lady in her 50's.  She was very thin and had diabetes and high blood pressure.  When I gave her the groceries she was amazed at all we gave her.  She said, "I'm going to eat more than beans!"  As I handed her the bags she saw a roll of paper towels and she said, "Oh, EVEN paper towels!!"  She was just so grateful for the groceries she received.  It is people like her that we help when we donate groceries.  If you have any questions about Interfaith Outreach please ask me. Donations go in the plastic container in the hallway across from the choir room.  In November CGS donated 49 pounds.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Mary G.