Interfaith Outreach Services Report

   At Interfaith Outreach this month we helped many families in need. One family I keep thinking about is a young father that had three small children; the youngest being only 7 months old. He worked in lawn maintenance as the sole provider because his wife left him.  Not only did she leave him, but she left the children with him when she left the home.  He had some help from his parents, but they could only do so much.  We gave this family groceries and he was very thankful. 

   The other family came in this week needing help with food.  It was a young couple that also had three small children.  This young man was on a bicycle! We loaded up the groceries in canvas bags and I told him to take what he could and he immediately said he was going to find a way to take it all!  

It is families like these that we really enjoy helping at Interfaith. Thank you to everyone who donates to Interfaith! If you would like to volunteer, it is only two hours per week.  Just talk to me and I will be happy to go with you to Interfaith to get acquainted, or call 322-1365.

Thank you, Mary G.