Well, first of all folks, please accept apologies for NOT keeping up with the MOGS for the past few months. Been kinda busy, and sometimes too lazy to send reports, but let it be known to all that the Men of YOUR church are still continuing the blessed fellowship we all have together and continue to try our duties as faithful servants to our church.

A ton of things have gone on since the last article, but instead of going back several months, let’s concentrate on recent events.

(CLEANUP) Prior to the Annual Good Shepherd Picnic NEXT MOGS MEETING

First and foremost, the next time anyone sees Randy Rogers, PLEASE stop and thank him for all his hard work and dedication to making sure all of the table were either power sprayed &/or most of the boards replaced so everyone could sit in a clean area and enjoy their food. Hopefully, most noticed that one of the broken swing chains had also been replaced and ready for our youth to enjoy.  No one should have to worry about the BBQ pit either…..that thing was the cleanest it has been in years. Randy also power washed the inside and out so we could have a great meal.  This man worked tirelessly to make sure no one was going to sit in something that Mother Nature deposited on the picnic tables. God Bless this man for all his help prior to our Annual Picnic.

Another HUGE thank you to all the men that came out on Saturday, 27 May 17. Father Brian Chase, Bill Barnes, Eddie Andrade, Jack Russell, John Skelton, & POP Crase. Between what was already mentioned, all these men of the church, came in early, cleaned up in the fenced areas, covered the tables with plastic to keep those nasty birds from ruining what was already clean.

If there are men in this church that may not have heard of the Men of Good Shepherd (MOGS), then now is the time to listen up…..we are a fun-loving group of funny, witty, sarcastic, noisy, (whatever other endearing term you can come up with) Men that just love to cook, eat, laugh, and help make our church a better place in any way possible. Please try and join in (usually the 3rd Thursday of each month) with wonderful fellowship, great food, and just plain ornery guys. 

The next meeting/gathering will be scheduled for Thursday, 22 June, at 6:30. We will have someone cook (usually volunteer), with no worries as to what is cooked….we’ll eat a delicious dessert, and then figure out what we need to do and a time to get it done.  C’MON AND JOIN IN!!!!


Another fine Sunday of gathering with our members to relax, play games, enjoy each other, and eat some good tasting burgers, hot dogs, along with all the sides you could ask for once again. The cooks were Randy Rogers and John Skelton, who came back after the early service to get the food ready so there was no waiting when the 1030 service was out. Everyone had their fill of food, so many side dishes to even count, and some of the best tasting dessert any of us have had in quite some time. Thanks to EVERYONE that baked, bought, or cooked items at home for this event. I don’t believe anyone left hungry at all and smiles were everywhere to be seen by all.

Our picnic would not have been complete without our annual egg-toss competition. This year’s champions were in 2 separate categories….YOUTH/ADULT, ADULT/ADULT teams.

In the Adult/Adult teams, POP Crase was FINALLY dethroned as the one with ‘bragging right”, as the team of Randy Rogers and Zac Anderson won fair and square from Scott Johnson and POP. It was a close call though, since POP threw a little harder than necessary to Scott, that cracked the egg shell, but not broken yet. Randy tossed theirs to Zac who made a great save and now it was up to Scot to toss every so lightly to POP…….WAHOO, SAVED THE EGG. Next Zac threw back to Randy and they held tight to a solid catch. On the final throw, POP’s toss was a little higher than planned and our egg died!!!!! BUT WAIT…… in order to win; Randy must toss back to Zac. The suspense was overwhelming, as the imaginary drum roll played…….randy tosses to Zac and in slow motion, breath held tightly, Zac catches the egg……thinking we had another chance, Zac says…NO-WAY, and hold the un-cracked, unbroken egg up to show their Championship form. Everyone in the crowd cheered the newly crowned winners…..but OH YOU JUST WAIT, next year will be here quickly.

In the Youth/Adult competition, things were a little crazy. Tiffany Spark and MOM, Sarah, were doing very well until….OH NO, not the church brick, or should I say side window???? Our church had been egged by a young person that didn’t mean to but it happened a couple of times, which was by laughter of all. Poor Mom couldn’t figure out which way the egg was going to “FLY”. Well, as it all came down to it, there was only `1 team that dominated so much……y’all ready for this………….the newly crowned Champions of the Block…..Patrick Johnson and POP Crase………NEVER A DOUBT, NEVER A DOUBT.

On top of the games and food, there was so much laughter at each table.  As I walked around, you couldn’t help but know that our church is a very diverse church, so many different conversations, but when it boiled down to it, one thing was evident……..the FELLOWSHIP was amazing throughout the parishioners at various tables and those seated in the lawn chairs, while enjoying the smaller kids go up and down the “Bouncy House”, swing set, and The Ark.

This year’s event went well and I wanted to personally thank EVERYONE that either set-up, cooked, brought side dishes, and cleaned up to make this a wonderful afternoon. I think this was one of the smoothest picnic gatherings we have had since I started with this church.  THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR A GREAT TIME.


A very special visitor was among everyone at the golf course for the Bishop’s Annual Golf Tournament. Bishop Iker had brought along the Bishop of Malawi, Bishop Magangani. It was such a pleasure to see him once again, and I gotta tell y’all, he does not forget a face. I was very pleased that when Bishop Iker brought him to shake our hands, Bishop Magangani looked at my name tag, mentioned Wichita Falls, and asked how Father Brian Chase, and our youth were doing. He said, “You’re the Youth Director of the Church correct?” Needless to say, I was very impressed with his memory and knowledge of who people are and where they are from…..he showed much interest in how our church is doing.

We had entered a team from Good Shepherd, as in previous years, to support Bishop Jack Iker’s Golf Challenge, to help with Camp Crucis Scholarships so that NO youth are ever left behind or kept from enjoying a week at camp, that helps our youth grow in the ministry of HIS word. With our Church growing over the past couple of years, some of our youth are either sponsored to attend or there is a scholarship donated to our youth to assist for this Spiritual week for each age group.

This is no exception to someone needing help, and to make sure there are always enough funds for our youth and possible out-reach to others; our church had a 4-some of players that competed and did extremely well by placing 2nd in their individual flight.  The team made up of the following guys - Curtis Fowler (Gayla’s son), our very own Scott Johnson, Darren Mackjust (one of Pop’s regulars who helps in this event every year), and POP Crase….guess no need in stating who this guy is. We were on a steady roll with a -14 under par that gave us a solid 58 score, but as we were watching some other teams come in, the list for top 3 was closing in on us. The winning score wound up being a 56 (-16) which was a great bunch of guys, but after all the scorecards were turned in……..WAHOO, WE DONE GOOD.

Everyone on this team contributed in one way of the other……we all bought “Mulligans” to give us an extra 2 strokes IF needed…..Curtis, Scott, and Darren always let POP tee-off first, which made it easier on them….IF I put one down the middle, there was no pressure on the other 3, JUST POP…..but I done good too. Then several times, each person seemed to take turns getting on the greens in minimal swings to leave the possibility of birdie putts, which were made several times.  We even scored 2 Eagles (which are very good for those that don’t understand) on a couple of holes. So much fun, that we are already making the plans for next year’s Golf Challenge.

The only bad news, but then again, we are still raising money for our Diocese Youth, is that unfortunately, no one from our church won any of the Raffle Tickets sold by me….I am so sorry, but we still had a good representation of funds that were donated to this great occasion. MAYBE NEXT YEAR…DON’T GIVE UP.

That just about sums up several months of me not entering anything into the newsletter, and I hope I can find the time to continue putting these together for your reading pleasure, REALLY!!!

Until the next time my friends.

Yours in Christ,

POP Crase

 MOGS Chairman, Youth Director, Usher Guy too