Interfaith Outreach Services

   Helen volunteers at Interfaith Outreach.  She  wanted to share her story this month of a ladyshe interviewed at Interfaith Outreach. From the stories I have written over the last several years, you know that there are just some clients that you have a hard time forgetting. This lady is definitely one for Helen. The lady was single and  in her 40's. She came in for help paying her rent.  She also had car problems. Helen said she was just a very sweet lady and when the interview was over the lady hugged and hugged Helen. 

   In the pantry this month we need: Shampoo, cans of chicken, cans of fruit and cans of beans. If you prefer I buy the items for you, I will be happy to do it.  I have others that do this and when I buy them, I show you the receipt so you can see what your money purchased!

   In June CGS gave 126 pounds of food!

Mary G.