For most congregations the choir is a functional body sitting together someplace in the main church and rendering singing support for the hymns and presenting appropriate anthems during the Offertory. But there is more to it than that!  Vested in special attire, they also are part of the Procession to start the worship and leave at the conclusion in the Recessional.CGS choir members are often seen keying in on new visitors to greet them! Now we begin to see the definition of a ‘choir’ broaden.   

Here at Good Shepherd the choir is not just a collection of singing voices, but a multi-faceted, volunteer assembly of “needy” communicants. They are passionate about their need to Praise God as often as possible together! They follow a tradition at Church of the Good Shepherd decade upon decades old…to “Sing and Rejoice” as a choir. They are following the Psalms in Ps.47:6 Sing Praises to God, Sing Praises; Ps.57:7 My Heart is steadfast, I will sing and make melody; Ps.98 Cantate Domino:Sing to the Lord a new song, for He has done marvelous things; Ps.101:1 I will sing of mercy and justice to You, O Lord, I will sing praises. Preserving this historical tradition at CGS comes naturally. He has given us voices to speak, to sing!

So singing in the CGS choir is a broad experience in at least three ways. #1, The choir is functional in the drama of our liturgy with its ceremonial garments, sung responses, cantors and soloists and the choir’s movements..the entering and leaving processions.#2, Our choir is not only a ‘praising-force’ but also exerts a ‘praying-force’ in its deliberations during rehearsals and pre-service. Personal prayer life is even stronger after singing together for an hour mid-week and then returning home. Volunteering to sing in our choir does that to you after adopting the anthems and hymns spiritual messages week after week!

The #3 experience of the CGS choir is Witness. In His Service means commitment and dedication and accomplishment for singers in the choir who volunteer their time and energy fifty-two weeks each year. Individuals share their voices, partner with each other singing in part harmony, and every singer projects the music and text so that we can understand the message. The Offertory is the perfect place in our liturgy for witness!  Many anthems of ‘Praise to God’ have the power to evangelize and many composers have called upon God to enable them in this goal.

We would be pleased to have you join us!  Contact: Forster D. or any choir member!

Forster D., Director of Music