Interfaith Outreach Services

Interfaith Outreach Services helps those in need.  If you can't pay your rent, your electric bill or water bill that is where you go for help.

If you can't buy groceries we can help you with that, too.  Interfaith started after the 1979 tornado.  The woman in charge for all those years except for the last three used to go to our church; Jean Halter Payne. 
Thank you to everyone who gave to Interfaith this past year whether it was in a food donation or monetarily. 
If you gave a food donation you know who you are, so thank you very much. 

Those who gave monetarily are:
Sarah C.
Gene and Mary
Jerry and Denise
Lee and Mariel
Jean S.
Linda W.

As far as donations from our church for 2018 we gave 1,685 pounds!!

Thank you all SO very much!

Mary G.