Valentine Sweethearts Dinner

Valentine Dinner.jpg

Valentine’s Dinner Report – 9 Feb 2015, POP Crase, MOGS Chairman

Well 2019’s Sweetheart Dinner was a success once again. Each year I am surprised as to the help I and the MOGS receive in assistance with getting this festival together. Be it from just tables & chairs being brought out, to the final last minutes of cleanup time. Seems we are growing in attendance and every year the comments are increasing in positive directions.

It was decided to make it a “theme” dinner this year, so a LITTLE ITALY night was planned. Café lights were strung, wine bottles with melted was candle drippings, and some great Italian music was heard throughout the room. This year’s attendance increased by approximately 7-8 people, which was so thrilling to see the room getting filled more than last year. We had close to 48, plus 6 of the finest airmen anyone could wish for. I know I say that each and every year, but it’s true. These young men jump at the chance to help in our community OR is it a FREE meal? I believe it is BOTH.

Again this year, we were blessed to have a group of “helpers” that worked hard with the decorations. A special thanks to my bride, Debbie Crase, our many friends, Helen Day, Sandy Reed, Barbara Lyne, a special guest (THAT I FAILED TO MENTION….OOPS) was Madison Arens. My partner-in-crime, John Skelton, was very helpful to me. Between him and Madison, they were extremely busy keeping me from falling off the ladder while hanging the lights. Without YOU GUYS this event could not have happened. Also, very thankful for Eddie Andrade’ for once again making sure all the ladies each had a rose for Valentine’s Day/Night. THANK YOU DO VERY MUCH!!!

Another great piece of the puzzle for this event are the young men (or women when they are available) that get the food ready and on the plates for all to enjoy. Once they have served everyone, their job is now to sit somewhere at a table and let you guys get to know them. Once again I got some great young Airmen that didn’t hesitate to ‘mingle’ and enjoy themselves while visiting with all the others at a table where they sat. Once the meals were all served and it was almost time to clean up, the “basket” for the Airmen was passed again, and as always, they would not take the money, but they all have received their Gift Certificates for the Base Exchange so they can purchase any items they need or like at any base in the near future. Well-deserved on their fine efforts.

Prizes were wonderful as I stated while finding out WHO had the Golden Ticket (Willie Wonka) after the few years that all seemed to know which chair to sit in……gotcha this year folks!!! Great way to make sure everyone had a fair chance to win a prize, and thanks goes to Helen Day for the choices she purchased. Next year will be another theme and meal to match. If anyone has suggestions, I am open to all and the MOGS can get together to choose a perfect venue.

At the end of the night, the kitchen was a mess as it usually is, but these fine young men made it look great and put everything back in order. They wasted no time this year with cleaning and putting everything away, making sure the area was worth an inspection. I guess they learned well at Basic Training and their “KP” duty time. Shortest time of cleanup I’ve experienced after a huge event as this one. Also, many thanks go to Eddie and Beverly Andrade’ for their help.

I know there is always small issues that I take personal note of each year, and will always promise to make things get better the following year. This year was without exceptions and there will be things that improve for the next Sweetheart Dinner. So mark your calendars now ladies and gentlemen of our Parish. The 2020 Sweetheart dinner will be on Feb 8, same gathering, same eating times.

Until next year, I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s night and plans are getting started already for the next one. Thanks to each and every one of you for attending and let’s make it bigger next year!!!

Yours in Christ,

G. “POP” Crase