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Our Core Values

At Church of the Good Shepherd, We Strive to Cultivate:

1) Family-like Acceptance

2) A Space for Reverent Reflection

3) Peace and Harmony

4) Our Anglican Identity

5) A Living Tradition

6) A Home for Everyone

Having a clear mission is extremely important because of the influence it can, and should, have on every aspect of parish life. Because of this, a great deal of deliberation has been put into its formation.

This is where you come in. Our mission ought to reflect who we are, our deepest identity as a parish. And not only who we are, but also who we aspire to be. It should reflect our Core Values.

As you know, the vestry and I spent a great deal of time receiving your input and listening to all of you regarding our identity as a parish, and we thank all of you for your contributions. While studying your input, there was a great deal of overlap. From your responses, we were able to develop the following core values, upon which our mission is based.

Remember, these are your words, not mine. May we aspire to see them fulfilled in our parish life! 

Father Brian