Eucharist at Church of the Good Shepherd

Holy Communion, also called Eucharist, is the central act of worship for the Christian Church—it sums up everything that we believe, everything that we are, and all of our hopes for what we can become. In it, we receive God’s love offered to us, we offer our love to God, and we discover how we can offer ourselves in love for the good of the whole world.

All people, regardless of background or belief, are invited to join us for meaningful reflection any Sunday morning. The first half of the service is for all of us to reflect together on the meaning of life, love, and service through sacred music, scriptures, prayers, and meditations. 

The second half of the service is when we celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion. All visitors who have been baptized with water, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and who have been admitted to Communion in their own church, are welcome to share the Holy Eucharist at Church of the Good Shepherd. We are all called to approach Holy Communion in a worthy manner as an expression of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ. Many visitors who receive Communion with us find, in the Eucharist, the means to strengthen their life within the Christian family and their participation in the church to which they belong, as we pray that God’s Church may be one.