A Christian Community Growing
Closer to God Together


Located in downtown Wichita Falls, Church of the Good Shepherd is an Anglican church founded in 1884. Church of the Good Shepherd– a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth- brings together people in a variety of life stages to live the liturgical life in community, and seeks to live her faith out through Worship, Intergenerational Christian Education, Parish Ministry and Stewardship.

We hope to enable our parishioners to grow spiritually through a process of first coming and reflecting at church, then listening and growing in the knowledge and love of God, and finally going and caring for our church and our neighbors, locally and globally.


Photography on the website courtesy of Nazim Kazi

More than just a beautiful building


Church of the Good Shepherd is more than just a beautiful building – it's a loving, welcoming community. As we build our community, we are intentional about living out through the week the faith we practice on Sunday mornings.

Our traditional liturgy and hymns are as beautiful as the surrounding stained glass and hand-carved wooden detailing in the sanctuary, and the beauty of the church and her liturgy lifts us up as we worship within her walls.


View of Church of the Good Shepherd from 10th Street

View of Church of the Good Shepherd from 10th Street


downtown wichita falls

Church of the Good Shepherd is located in downtown Wichita Falls, between 10th and 11th Streets, on Burnett Street. 

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7:30 a.m. Simple Said Service

10:30 a.m. high choral service
& Nursery



9:30 a.M. Sunday School


5:30 p.M. Generations

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Deacon Bill reads the Gospel from the aisle.

Deacon Bill reads the Gospel from the aisle.

What to Expect

traditional liturgy,
friendly people

As you walk through the doors of Church of the Good Shepherd, you will be greeted with a smile and handed a bulletin to use as your guide through the service. It will have all of the words- spoken and sung- that you will hear during your time in the pew.

The organ, choir and cantor lead us through psalms and hymns- mostly familiar, but some rarer gems are also sung from time to time.  The priest, deacon, and others near the altar lead the spoken parts of the service.  

Parishioners sit listening to a sermon.

Parishioners sit listening to a sermon.

How to Dress

formal or casual?

Some people come to our church in casual clothes, some come in their "Sunday best." Some dress up for high feasts, like Christmas and Easter, and dress more casually on other Sundays. We recognize that newcomers may come from a variety of backgrounds, and we warmly welcome you, however you choose to dress. 


Music as Beautiful and Classic as the Architecture Surrounding It

Our organist, cantors, choir and bell choir bring a breadth of the classical sacred music tradition into our worship with hymns, psalms and other service music.

We believe the music we hear should be as beautiful and classic as the visual art that surrounds us in the church's architecture, and we are so grateful for our musicians who enhance the beauty we experience on Sunday mornings with their gift of song. 


Living it up in Downtown Wichita Falls


At Church of the Good Shepherd, we believe that community at its best shouldn't be isolated- it should be involved.  That's why we are proud to call Downtown Wichita Falls our neighborhood.

We serve our neighborhood throughout the year by contributing to Interfaith Ministry, located just down the street from us, as their needs are made known to us. And we bring fun to our neighborhood during events like our famous annual Election Day Bazaar. 

Image of Wichita Falls skyline by Justin Cozart from Dallas, via Wikimedia Commons.