Our path for discipleship corresponds to the Greatest Commandment, to love the Lord our God (worship) with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength (grow), and to love our neighbors as ourselves (care). Our mission is not another thing we do; it is the thing we do. And the thing we do is make disciples. Our mission statement puts forward a simple process for doing just that.

Our Mission

To reflect on life and encounter God  by providing a way for everyone to:

Our Core Values

We strive to cultivate:

  • Family-like Acceptance

  • A Space for Reverent Reflection

  • Peace and Harmony

  • Our Anglican Identity

  • A Living Tradition

  • A Home for Everyone

Our Process

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Anglican: It's Who We Are

The word “Anglican” means “English,” so the term “Anglicanism” refers to a worldwide family of Christian churches that trace their spiritual heritage back more than 1500 years through the Church of England, and represents the world’s third largest Christian communion.

Founded in 597 A.D. by St. Augustine of Canterbury, and reformed in the 16th and 17th centuries, Anglicanism has a rich history that draws from ancient catholic sources as well as from its own Reformation. Our spiritual tradition is embodied primarily in our worship services, called liturgy, which are contained in the Book of Common Prayer. To learn more about our beliefs, please click here